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"Ancar Ivanhoe is a company where it is possible to grow professionally within a pleasant environment, it offers salaries and benefits compatible with the market and provides constant training."

The Human Resources area at Ancar Ivanhoe is strategic. It aims at making the most of each associate, making professionals feel as an integrated part of the business; it fosters a decentralized managerial model.

Providing an alternative and fresh environment in the workplace is also an area Ancar Ivanhoe focuses on. Good results from the shopping centers are a result of a happy and committed team with the corporation’s values at heart.

For over four decades, Ancar Ivanhoe has been building a solid reputation in the market, not only for its visionary profile and the professionalism it implements within the shopping center sector, but also for offering a friendly corporate environment where the professionals are valued thereby enabling the associates to grow alongside the corporation.

For Ancar Ivanhoe, the motto ‘people who like people’ is not just a discourse, it’s a business practice.

Having values that are genuinely, personally experienced by over 4,000 associates, since 2008, Ancar Ivanhoe has been the only shopping centers corporation present in the list ‘Best Companies to Work at with Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro’ and since 2011 present in the list of ‘Best Companies to work at in Brazil’, according to the Great Place to Work Institute.



Ancar Ivanhoe is present almost all over the country!

With a strong presence in all five regions of Brazil, as it is today, Ancar Ivanhoe currently has a grand total of 23 business ventures in its portfolio, between operating successful shopping centers and those which are still under development. 



Ancar Ivanhoe is a pioneer company in the shopping malls sector and one of the leading companies in this market - over 40 years.

The history of Ancar Ivanhoe started in the 1970’s when it began its trajectory in the shopping mall industry as one of the companies responsible for the development of the second shopping center to be built in Brazil: the Conjunto Nacional de Brasilia.

In 2006, it set up a partnership with Ivanhoe Cambridge and continued its steady expansion trajectory.

Nowadays, it operates as the Entrepreneur of shopping centers and/or Managing Company throughout all five regions of Brazil.



Get to know a little bit more about Ancar Ivanhoe´s successful history

In 1972, the Andrade de Carvalho Family, who had been running Casa Bancaria Andrade Arnaud -  identified a new and promising market and decided to invest in this new niche in Brazil: the shopping centers. They became shareholders with Conjunto Nacional Brasilia, the second shopping center built in the country and the first in the West Center region of Brazil.
Having a bold attitude, they unveiled new regions: Recife and Porto Alegre and built the first shopping center in Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul.  Since then, Ancar has not stopped expanding to new markets.
In 2006, Ancar set up a partnership with the Canadian Ivanhoe Cambridge and incorporated its partner´s name, being called Ancar Ivanhoe and continued its steady expansion trajectory.  In the same year, the company opened the first and sole shopping mall in Rondonia: Porto Velho Shopping Center.
Since then, Ancar Ivanhoe has been continuously growing by means of new acquisitions, the construction of new shopping centers and the expansion of others, it has put together a very diversified portfolio, nowadays,  it operates as the entrepreneur of shopping centers and/or Managing Company throughout all five regions of Brazil.



Get to know Ancar Ivanhoe´s Mission and Approach

Mission and Approach
Along the years, Ancar Ivanhoe has established a solid reputation in the shopping center market, not only for the quality of the work developed, but also due to the fact it delivers a friendly corporate environment and a professional valorization that enables associates to grow with the business. So as to reach its goals, Ancar Ivanhoe is committed to the attitude, based on solid values that inspire employees on a daily basis.

Our Approach
To be the first option in Shopping Centers.
Our Mission
To create a charming and unique experience for consumers, a profitable experience for shop owners and entrepreneurs by means of a happy team of people committed to the company´s values.