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It is located in a neighborhood which comprises history, culture and business insight. The enterprise opened on September 26th 1996 and it was the first shopping center in Grande Tijuca district.

It was built on the former grounds of the America Football Club pitch and where the Vila Isabel Samba School used to hold rehearsals.  Boulevard Rio is an awarded architectural icon; it was recognized in the category “Innovative Design” by the International Council of Shopping Centers in 1988.  Its award winning architecture values the natural light, wide aisles as well as the comfortable circulation and accessibility for those people with special needs.

There are 180 stores and various types of services such as a Detran service station.

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The first shopping center in Rio Grande do Sul, Iguatemi Porto Alegre has brought a new concept of leisure and entertainment for the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul.

Throughout the years, Iguatemy has undergone various modernization processes, making it the success it is today and contributing to the city’s changing scenario, in particular for the Chacara das Pedras neighborhood.
Iguatemy Porto Alegre is the brand most often remembered among consumers’ in the capital city.
Another example is the ‘Brand of Those who Decide’ created by the Jornal do Comercio in partnership with Qualidata Institute: Iguatemi leads the research as the most often remembered and preferred choice of  shopping centers amongst the gaúcho entrepreneurs.

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Porto Velho Shopping Center was launched in Rondonia as the first mall in the state and changed the local population shopping habits. So far, some of the brand names like McDonald’s, Cine Araújo, Centauro, Renner, C&A, Kopenhagen, Lojas Americanas, Polishop among others were a novelty.

The shopping center has recently undergone a 14.000 m² GLA expansion hosting about 700 thousand visitors on a monthly basis.  It is anchored by Riachuelo and nowadays it hosts 253 stores, 192 operations are let, 5 of which are megastores + an Amusement Park with 792m² (electronic games and leisure areas for children) + Cinemas and a University, 173 satellite shops and 2 Food Courts with 26 different operations and 3 restaurants.

Regarding the expansion, soon,  the Porto Velho Shopping center will host two commercial towers with 570 offices and will become the first shopping center with the multi-purpose concept in Rondonia.  The two towers will each have 13 floors, a fitness area and a business center within a total of 2,000m2 that will guarantee a steady flow of clients to the business on a daily basis.

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It is located in a privileged spot in Barra da Tijuca - Km 1/Av. das Americas – Downtown is the first mall to represent a lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro.

Downtown brings together hundreds of commercial and service businesses combined with 12 comfortable movie theaters that offer the latest in state of art sound and image technology, the first 3D movie theater in the region, a food court and Gama Filho university.

One of its major attractions is the variety of gastronomy options which is formed by dozens of bars and restaurants. This reinforces its role as an important entertainment hub for targeting people of all ages and offering those who visit a unique experience.

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Learn more about Golden Square Shopping Center, it inaugurates Ancar Ivanhoe in the ABC region.

The Golden Square Shopping center is located in São Bernardo do Campo and is a benchmark in the world of shopping malls, it is focused on the high quality demand of the area’s residents regarding fashion, gastronomy, services and entertainment so that they do not feel the need to go to the capital to find what that which they desire.
Some of the major Brazilian and foreign brands to be found in the Golden Square Shopping Center: Zara, Le Lis Blanc, Farm, Animale, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Vivara, McDonald’s, Burger King, PB Kids, Centauro, Capodarte, Fototica, Levi’s, Santa Lola, My Gloss, Renner, Kopenhagen besides some of the exclusive brands of ABC such as Formula Fitness center, John John, Riachuelo Mulher and Livraria Leitura.

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CenterVale is a pioneer mal in the Vale do Paraiba. It is located by the Via Dutra Road, one of the main Highways in the country and it has become a reference regarding the region industrial growth.

A sustainable shopping center where garbage is separated and recycled, water is reused in the gardens, waste water is treated, oil recycled and reused and even the production of soap all happen within this venture.

Along with the expansion, emerged a new shopping center which is even more up to date and complete.  The parking lot offers Vaga Certa, modern technology which illustrates to the driver the exact whereabouts of a vacant parking space. The center boasts the variety of 60 different stores of national and foreign brands.

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North Shopping Fortaleza has been part of the fortalezenses’ Family for 22 years mainly serving the residents of São Geraldo region neighbohoods.

The venture offers an excellent selection of stores, acknowledged by the 12 million customers that visit annually, making it a leader in shopping center sales in the Ceara capital city.

With a Gross Lettable Area (GLA) of 50,957 m2, the shopping center is divided into three floors and contains 300 stores, among which 12 are anchors and 17 are service spaces and 51 booths, besides that a university center, Fanor, with 700 students.
As well as all that, at the Food Court it is possible to find numerous options of snacks and fast foods.  
For entertainment, the clients can make the most of the two indoor areas, the North Bowling and the Kinoplex Movie Theaters with 6 rooms, one of which has up to the minute 3D technology.  Currently, the venture offers 3,500 parking spaces in its parking lot.

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On the border of BR-101, one of the most exclusive and prosperous areas in the city, South bound area, Natal Shopping Center was the first mall in the city.

With the consumer dreams of many residents of Natal, the business was an important means to develop the region and it directly influenced the habits of the people and became the main fashion, leisure, culture and style reference.

After its expansion and revitalization, the novelty will continue as its main feature that will follow the main trends for the sector to meet the demand in the best possible way, to meet the faithful consumers’ demands with a mixture of diversified and exclusive services.

Where entertainment is concerned, the Natal Shopping center shall soon offer the most modern cinema complex in the capital city, the Cinepolis.

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Based on the most modern concepts for the industry, Joquei North Shopping Center will be a turning point for the cearense retail market as it will attract a population of 55 different surrounding neighborhoods.

According to a survey by IBOPE, the North Shopping Joquei Shopping Center’s area of dominant influence is in a population of approximately 1.2 million residents and 345 thousand domiciles, with an average family income of R$ 2,241.00 per month.

Located at the former Cearense Joquei Clube, the shopping center combines an innovative complex in Fortaleza where private dwellings, leisure, public services and shopping is found together and includes the Hospital da Mulher in the residential buildings area. It was given the name Jóquei Ville.

The Hospital da Mulher brings modern thinking and methods to the region and is a reference unit where health care for women is concerned. Both its premises and equipment are state of art and the infrastructure is impressively comprehensive.

The Jóquei Ville will turn into a complex made up of dream homes. The five residential projects will have 13 apartment towers, each one with a complete leisure area with swimming pool, deck and poly-sports courts providing the dwellers with a high quality of life and wellbeing. The courts will be connected to modern sidewalks, green areas and a central square.

The residential area will be composed of five big independent condominiums with a swimming pool, party room, barbecue area, squares and a playground in each of them.

Lagoa Jóquei Ville will be the first residential stage, with three 12 storey towers - each with eight apartments per floor and four choices of architectural design 1.5 m², 50.86 m², 46.72 m² e 46.77 m², with two bedrooms and a garage parking space. 

In the second stage of the project, the North Shopping Jóquei will gain two commercial towers, each with nine floors and a total of 486 rooms.
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O North Shopping Maracanaú North Shopping Center is the largest commercial complex in Maracanaú, located in Fortaleza Metropolitan Region.

With great market potential, North Shopping Maracanaú was inaugurated in 2003 and redesigned in 2007 using various new commercial planning techniques aimed at coming closer to satisfying consumer demands.

Consumers will find fashion, gastronomy, leisure options and services within a comfortable and safe infrastructure.

Today, there are 54 stores, two anchor stores, 3 megastores and 270 parking spaces. The shopping center expansion has been announced and soon the businesses will double its size to a total of 22,000m2 and GLA.  In July 2012, Ancar Ivanhoe - Managing Company of the shopping center since January 2012, announced the acquisition of a 50% share of the shopping center, dividing the society with the North Empreendimentos Group.

It is easily accessible and with a large circulation of people in the surrounding area, nowadays there is a monthly average of 600,000 customers who visit, from classes B, C and D.

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The most modern area for shopping and leisure in the region!

Shopping Parque das Bandeiras is the latest shopping, leisure and entertainment option in Campinas.  It opened in November 2012 offering more than 40,000 square meters of Gross Lettable Area (GLA) distributed between 9 anchor stores, 13 megastores and almost 200 satellite stores, besides the 5 restaurants located outdoors and a food court with 34 operations and seating capacity of 2,000. 
These grand figures are justified by its location: Avenida John Boyd Dunlop, the route of dozens of municipal buses and where approximately 50,000 cars circulate every day. In addition to all of that, it is the first commercial center of this magnitude in the region of Campo Grande.
“The Parque das Bandeiras Shopping Center was designed to meet the needs and desires of more than two million consumers in the Campinas metropolitan area. It’s importance is as great as the population of  Campinas that reside in the region where the shopping center was built, nowadays reaching around 750,000 people representing over 60% of the total inhabitants of the city” states the shopping center superintendent Fernando Castanheira.
It was to satisfy public demand that the Parque das Bandeiras Shopping Center introduced high quality entertainment. Multiplex Cine Araujo offers six state of art movie theaters, all with digital projection, two of them with Max Screen, the largest projection screens in Brazil, approximately 300 m² each. Furthermore, IMM sound and 60 loudspeakers that permit up to three audio dimensions to be reproduced. The spectator will experience an ‘immersion’ into digital sound.  All the rooms include two rows of VIP seats, larger and totally reclinable.  
As for the VIP room, a smaller and cozier room, all of the seats are VIP.  
The region did not offer this kind of leisure to its residents.

In addition to the most modern movie complex in the city, Parque das Bandeiras shopping center offers the biggest electronics entertainment park in the region: Game Station.  It has eight units throughout the North East of Brazil; it is the first store opened in the South East of Brazil at 1,000 square meters in size and contains three different spaces for children’s parties, endless electronic games, a carousel and a bumper-car track.  

Children can enjoy themselves at the Game Station while they cumulate tickets that can be exchanged for toys at the shop. 

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Pantanal Shopping Center in Cuiabá is a turning point regarding Shopping Malls in the Mato Grosso state, it was the first to offer an area of over 66.000 m² built area.

The business has become a reference in shopping in the state of Mato Grosso, offering national and international brands; it has become an attraction for those visiting the Mato Grosso capital city.

Located on one of the main access roads to the city, Pantanal Shopping center is surrounded by residential and commercial complexes, state and federal units with a concentration of 25,000 people.

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Overall concern with details, appreciation regarding the environment and high levels of customer service make Rio Design Barra the first shopping choice for the highly qualified clients of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro with their strong purchasing power.

It is one of the unique shopping centers that offer the welcome dog service as well as the pet-car rental option; not to mention the bilingual concierge assistants, a very important and individual service for the city which will host the Olympic Games. Such an exquisite service led to the opening of the Club Rio Design, in March 2012.  It is an environment for those who attend and interact with the space on a daily basis, plus pampering and exclusive events for Gold customers.

On the top of the impeccable service, Rio Design Barra stands out above other shopping malls as a luxurious but affordable choice for Cariocas with quintessential taste. 
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Eldorado Shopping Center was the third mal opened in São Paulo and until nowadays its customers are faithful.

Eldorado Shopping center is located in the West area of Sao Paulo, by the Pinheiros River bank, which is among the most privileged areas with the kind of customers with the high purchasing powers in the capital city.

It offers a varied, high quality selection of brands. Eldorado is one of the most comprehensive malls in the city with regards to gastronomy, leisure, fashion and services.

Various businesses such as banks and student centers are situated close to the mall. Attached to the shopping Centre is the Eldorado Business Tower with over 15,000 employees who are also potential consumers.

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Botafogo Praia Shopping Center is part of the routine of those who live and or work in Botafogo and neighboring districts in the carioca South Districts.

Based in a prime location, one block from Botafogo Metro station and only 15 minutes from Santos Dumont airport, the shopping center is opposite one of the most beautiful city landmarks – The Sugar Loaf Mountain; its panoramic view is breath-taking for both Cariocas and tourists.

The shopping center has a complete mix that meets the needs of an educated public composed of business executives and corporate workers as well as local residents too. 
Since 2009 under the umbrella of Ancar Ivanhoe Management – which evidently also became the corporation owner in 2011, the Botafogo Praia shopping mall has received a steady flow of investments in order to renovate its premises.  The arrival of International brands such as Starbucks, Centauro, Cafeina, Alfaias, Dudalina, Emporio Body Store and L'Occitane has made the shopping center mix even more appealing.
The shopping center qualification follows the regeneration and development project to the neighborhood. It is becoming even more appealing with the arrival of new business enterprises and residential condominium aimed at the upper middle classes.

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Cozy and trendy, Rio Design Leblon puts together the crème de la crème in Fashion in a low profile and at the same time sophisticated attitude in the South District most fashionable area in Rio de Janeiro, the South District of Leblon

Rio Design Leblon is the shopping mall where people go to buy, meet-up with friends and family and live their lives. 
The 58 stores that are to be found there make shopping an integral part of the daily lives of the region’s residents, it offers the very best available in terms of fashion and gastronomy.

It’s mixture of shops are the top drawer of fashion stores such as Le Lis Blanc, John John, Bo Bo, Animale, Constanca Basto, Julia Monteiro de Carvalho, Ateen, A.Brand, FYI, Osklen, Richards, Salinas and Farm. 77% of its public are from the A Class and 78% of the visitors to the shopping center make purchases, resulting in an average sale per square meter of over R$2,000.  Another reason for the high level of customer loyalty is the Rio Design Gourmet that offers six restaurants and three coffee bars.

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Shopping Metrô Itaquera is a reference in the East district commercial area in São Paulo. It is in a privileged region in a neighborhood with approximately 530 thousand residents who did not count on a shopping center so far.

Metro Shopping Itaquera is connected to one of the mass transit systems there is in the city of Sao Paulo  – subway, CPTM urban trains and an urban bus station terminal all connect here, as well as the largest Poupatempo in the Sao Paulo state. 

Its target audience is the new middle classes, responsible for 91% of the daily movement.
The venture will host the world’s premier football event and is still awaiting the construction of the institutional pole that will house the following in an area of 100,000m2: Forum, Bus Station, Fatec largest unit in the city and a SENAI unit, one floor dedicated to business incubators and laboratories, a convention center, an auditorium, a cultural center, a commercial center, a commercial building, a unit for the Military Police and for the Fire Brigade besides the Linear Rio Verde park.

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It displays a modern, high tech architecture and environments for various cultural interactions, Via Sul Shopping Center is situated in one of the most important commercial ways in the city: Av Washington Soares, east side of Fortaleza.

In recent years Via Sul Shopping center has continued to gain commercial notoriety due to the construction of various residential condominiums and the migration of A and A/B class families to the area.  Combined with the attraction of local schools, universities, a forum, a convention center and churches, among other types of businesses. Transforming it into a commercial hub that spreads throughout the surrounding neighborhoods and metropolitan region. 

For this reason, the area is clearly attractive for businesses and defines the economic profile of those who visit the Via Sul Shopping Center.

The shopping center also boasts a major theater, voted the best in the city. It offers an outstanding and multipurpose structure, to comfortably host major presentations.  The space offered is the grand size of 2,800m2 and offers the cutting edge in technology with state of art premises and equipment.

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It was the first shopping center to present the multi-purpose concept in Brazil, the Nova America is a reference in the carioca Market thanks to the versatility it has been proposing along the years without losing its original structure.

After its expansion, the Nova America Shopping Center will become one of the best anchored malls in Brazil. The Nova America Offices and Nova America Corporate are to be inaugurated.
The first is a set of three towers with 914 commercial slots and the only auditorium in the region to host 200 seats.  The Corporate is a set of three corporate slabs capable of hosting up to 21 corporations.  Besides that, IBIS hotels are also part of the Project.
Another important attraction is the "Rua do Rio", it is an outdoors gastronomy area with 11 pubs and restaurants, among them: Petisco da Vila, Beluga, Boteco do Manolo, Destilado, Siri Restaurant and Balada Mix (opened in November 2012). The area was opened in 2002, seven years after Nova America had been inaugurated as one more attraction for the mall, however, it was the only area exclusively destined to gastronomy in a north district shopping center. Together with its expansion, the area can offer five more restaurants: Outback and Galli and will grow from 4.700m² to 7.000m².

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Visit Interlagos Shopping Center!

The Interlagos Shopping Center is part of the great Commercial Complex that encompasses the Interlagos Shopping Center, Carrefour Hypermarket, Makro Warehouse, Leroy Merlin (the first store in the country), Ibis Hotel, Cobasi and Detran-SP representing today one of the largest shopping centers and leisure services in São Paulo. 

With a privileged location, in the South area of the capital city, with access to the Marginal Pinheiros and by Avenida das Nacoes Unidas, Washington Luiz, Jornalista Roberto Marinho and Joao de Luca it attracts not only consumers of the neighbouring areas that total about 2.8 million people but also the inhabitants of the whole city.

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Learn more about our shopping centers, you can find them in all 5 regions of Brazil!

Ancar Ivanhoe Shopping Center ownership and management (15):
-      Rio de Janeiro: Botafogo Praia Shopping, Boulevard Rio Shopping, Shopping Nova América and Downtown (blocks 05, 07 e 17)
-      São Paulo: Shopping Parque das Bandeiras (Campinas), Centervale Shopping (São José dos Campos) and Golden Square Shopping (São Bernardo)
-     Distrito Federal: Conjunto Nacional de Brasília (Brasília)
-      Mato Grosso: Pantanal Shopping (Cuiabá)
-      Rondônia: Porto Velho Shopping (Porto Velho)
-      Porto Alegre: Shopping Center Iguatemi Porto Alegre (shared management) 
-      Ceará: North Shopping Jóquei and North Shopping Fortaleza (Fortaleza), North Shopping Maracanaú (Maracanaú) and Via Sul Shopping (Fortaleza)

Ancar Ivanhoe property Shopping Centers (2): 
-      São Paulo: Shopping Interlagos (São Paulo)
-      Rio Grande do Norte: Natal Shopping (Natal)

Third Parties Shopping Centers managed by Ancar Ivanhoe (4):
-      Rio de Janeiro: Rio Design Barra and Rio Design Leblon (Rio de Janeiro)
-      São Paulo: Shopping Eldorado and Shopping Metrô Itaquera (São Paulo)

Shopping Centers under development (greenfields) (2):
-      Rio de Janeiro: Shopping Nova Iguaçu (Nova Iguaçu)
-      Pernambuco: Shopping Metropolitano do Recife (Recife)



Get to know Ancar Ivanhoe new enterprises.

Ancar Ivanhoe has a long-term vision for its products. When it takes over a project, it actively participates providing the supervision so that the shopping center management can develop a strategic plan with clear goals and targets for the venture. It promotes the optimization of resources, seeking efficiency in operations by the use of modern technologies and managerial tools – such as Master Plan with planning for up to ten years.

The New Business department at Ancar Ivanhoe leads the development and implementation of new projects: greenfield, expansion of existing shopping centers and renovations from the standpoint of a solid and structure of people and processes.  The whole team, of Operations and Planning work in an integrated way, interacting with other departments such as Architecture, Commercial, Legal, Financial and Marketing, with a focus on investment risk reduction.

OPENING - 2016

Metropolitano Shopping Center - Recife/PE:

The shopping center will be part of a major real estate complex which will offer commercial and residential buildings: The EcoCity, Jiquia idealized by Patrimonial.

Investment: R$ 250 million
Gross Lettable Area (GLA): 33.000 m²
220 stores
7 anchor stores
14 megastores
1 food court with 27 operations
Cinema and entertainment Complex 
Expansion preview to 60.000m² GLA, with commercial towers 

Shopping Nova Iguaçu/RJ:

In partnership with CCP, it will be built in an area of 110,000 m2 in the capital of Baixada Fluminense, with the multi-purpose approach, aiming at meeting the demands of the residents and corporations in the area.

Investment: R$ 450 million
Gross Lettable Area (GLA): 45.000 m²
256 stores
8 anchor stores 
18 megastores
Cinema and entertainment complex
Service exclusive aisle