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Temporary rentals, merchandising actions, special projects, media, fairs and events. Advertise your brand with Ancar Ivanhoe enterprises!

As years go by, there is a greater demand for shopping centers as an advertising media. It is more than a consumption temple; the shopping centers are a great site to gather people together on a daily basis.

The great flow of visitors, the consumers’ profile and the pleasant environment validate Ancar Ivanhoe shopping centers as an important channel of communication. It enables a direct contact with the client in a situation where the client is bound to purchase.

With shopping malls that offer diversified profiles and that are present throughout the 5 different Brazilian regions, Ancar Ivanhoe counts on an exclusive In Shopping Advertising area to provide the best service and to meet the different advertisers’ needs, offering them great and striking coverage and impact.

Reasons to announce in a Shopping Center:

- Direct contact with consumers: in the shopping center the consumers handle the cellular, test the computer, enjoy the smell of the brand new car. 
No other shopping centers come close to such sensory experiences. 
- Impact of the messages in the moment of decision making of the purchase: 81% of consumers make their decision at the point of sale. 
- Consumers bound to make purchases: 43% of mall visitors make a purchase.
- Clients’ average stay at the mall is up to 74 minutes*.
- Announcers close to their consumers: educated public with well-formed opinions.
- Educated public with formed opinions: 93% of the shopping centers consumers are from classes A, B and C. Additionally, 77% have a High School or Higher Education degree (Source Abrasce – Brazilian Shopping Centers Association and IPDM – Market and Development Research Institute) .
- Multiple possibilities of promotional actions, in partnership with the shopping centers’ marketing department. 
- Message segmentation and suitability, with few media advertising breaks.
- Advantageous cost-benefit when compared to the traditional Medias.




Ancar Ivanhoe is present almost all over the country!

With a strong presence in all five regions of Brazil, as it is today, Ancar Ivanhoe currently has a grand total of 23 business ventures in its portfolio, between operating successful shopping centers and those which are still under development.